Saturday, 27 October 2012

Completely Unintentional Render

So I was tweaking the lighting to do a 360 of my character and somehow, I have no idea how, it rendered like this. I'm completely baffled as to how I got this result but hey, it looks awesome!

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Janitor (Update)

That's right! I've decided to continue this guy again. Been doing some serious sculpting on him and I gotta say, previous screenshots I took of him earlier look hideous... :S

Pretty happy with how he's turning out, sculpting and modelling is almost done, then moving on to texturing in Mari (for the first time!).

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another Creature Render

Batch rendering at the moment, here's a quick composite of the character with an Ambient Occlusion map.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Skin Test

Learning how to create realistic human skin using MentalRay's misss_fast_skin shader.

VFX Project

So this is currently what my new group at school are working on. Our idea was to create a digital set of a laboratory experimenting on strange creatures, and composite ourselves (me) into the set.

We decided to use a real-life setting, project it onto geometry and build props and a set extension for it.The location we went for is Middle Head in Sydney, an old military fortification.
Middle Head
Here's a concept painting I did for our environment..

Since then, our actual 3D set has changed drastically from its original concept....haha. I'll put an image/video up of it once it's completely finished.

Anyways, myself and another member of the group were given the task to create the creatures which would be inside the lab. Here are a couple of concept drawings of my creature.

 I was originally leaning more towards the mermaid-like creature depicted above, until another member of my group suggested maybe I do a pregnant creature where you can see the baby inside her belly.
I figured that was a pretty interesting idea and decided to go for it.

Made a quick alien body mesh out of the female base mesh I had made a little while before

 Zbrush Sculpt..

Skin test render- Struggled a little with the colour but ended up settling on a fleshy skin tone.

Please ignore the annoying portal lights on the back

You might be wondering, "hey Nicole, that's cool and all but where's the baby in the see-through stomach?"
Well...that didn't happen, I wasn't too sure on how exactly I would go about doing that and also I ran out of time and had to move on to texturing the set. But that's not to say it won't! Although it probably won't be in the final project, I might come back to this character and make that darn baby! Maybe...

The Janitor - Work In Progress

Since I have a bit of a problem of starting side projects and not finishing them, I've decided to make this post so as to motivate me to complete this guy...later. Haha. I'll hopefully get around to this once again in a few months, maybe sooner. If I haven't and you care enough to see the finished product, please nag me for it.

Some parts I haven't really worked on at all so they look a little dodgy right now (eg. the arms...ahh! D:)  


The Mummy Project

Earlier this year at school, we were given a project to create a 2 minute short film. So myself and 6 others decided to make a slapstick cartoon revolving around two rival mummies who are resurrected one night in a museum and are fighting over an ancient "Book of the Dead".

During this project I was given the role of art director and character artist. Here are some concept sketches and models of the mummies.

Statues of the mummies placed in the museum

Messing with blendshapes...

Production hasn't yet been completed as we had to move on to other projects but we are re-visiting it every now and then. For more info on our project, feel free to visit: